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Where I Ache Blog Tour: Interview with Megan O’Keeffe

I was fortunate to interview Megan O’keeffe, author of Cracked Open (2018) and Debatably Dateable, a blog about poetry, romance, and love. Her latest poetry collection, Where I Ache, is available for pre-order on Amazon. (2019). Read on to learn more about the poet behind the pen.

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New Release: Torrid Literature Journal – Vol. XV Untamed Creative Voices

Title: Torrid Literature Journal – Vol. XV Untamed Creative Voices

Price: $6.00

Purchase Link: http://amzn.com/0692482636

TLJ Cover V15


“Each rock is mute with the secrets of a lifetime…” – Michael Jerry Tupa

“You once said you saw my soul and found it beautiful…” – Justin Rose

“Love while you can—before you, too, are gone…” – James Sutton


TL Publishing Group starts off Volume XIV Untamed Creative Voices with a special interview that reveals the interior scope of a writer’s mind. Jim Landwehr, a writer from Waukesha, Wisconsin and author of Written Life, takes readers behind the scenes of his work as he discusses the sources of his inspiration, writing tips, and much more. This interview sets the atmosphere for the rest of the publication, which contains pages of vibrant and thought provoking literature written by writers from around the world.

Literature is about stylistic expression. The contributing writers in Volume XIV use their words to carefully construct beautiful images that tell unforgettable stories that imprint upon the senses. The readers will see, touch, and experience life through someone else’s eyes. Overall, Volume XIV will leave readers in awe of the artistic power that writers yield.

The Torrid Literature Journal also continues its creative regimen of providing readers with literary works that ponder, discuss, and refute interesting aspects of life. This publication has an aesthetic appeal that roars with artistic freedom. Lovers of literature and creative expression will come to appreciate the way this ongoing publication continues to find a place into the hearts and minds of its readers.

Contributors: Nathaniel Osborne; Barry Yeoman; Liza Marshtein; Kristiane Weeks; Paul Smith; Tom Montag; Mark Antony Rosi; Michael Jerry Tupa; Jeanne M Kachnij; Philip C. Kolin; Amber Allen; Holly Wells; Laura Berstein-Machlay; Sharon (TJ) Parks; Ryan Murphy; Richard Spilman; James Stoner; Phillip Farris; Robin Peroldo; Christina Mengis; Collen Farrelly; James Sutton; Justin Rose; Barbara McGaw; Roy Bentley; Jim Landwehr; Erren Geraud Kelly; Allison Grayhurst; Philip Goldberg; Douglas Cole; Brandon Madden; Victoria Griffin; Daniel Ruefman

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New Release: TLJ Vol. XIII Déjà Vu

Purchase Links:

Amazon: http://amzn.com/069235994X

TL Online Store: http://shop.torridliterature.com

Website: http://torridliterature.com | http://tlpublishing.org

TLJ Cover V13 v8web


“I am here to stay—

with no beginning,

with no end,

and everything in between”

“Time Warp” by Dean K Miller

 “Orion, setting in the northwest,

wields his medals and ribbons

as gracefully as old veterans”

“Orion and Me” by William Doreski

“The bestsellers laugh

as the saddening cycle goes on ––

beginning with neglect,

ending with a fading beauty,

buried in storage, alive and in vain.”

“Bargain Book Racks” by B. Diehl

“I wipe them dry with hands themselves no longer young.

The salt of her tears, the anguish of an age

Soon to be disappearing”

“My Mother’s Tears” by Marchell Dyon Jefferson

“Pray for Mary

who shows signs of dementia,

for Ann who suffers from depression,

for Justin taking the SAT’s

and is scared to death.”

“Prayer Wall” by Susan Martin


TL Publishing Group kicks off the New Year with the release their third anniversary issue of the Torrid Literature Journal. A new year brings new beginnings and through Volume XIII Déjà Vu, quite a few new voices make their appearance on the scene of literature. A few familiar voices also make a return. Altogether, Volume XIII Déjà Vu is packed with engaging and thought-provoking literary material that will lock readers in for an interesting journey.

One of the highlights of this issue is Jacob Erin-Cilberto’s review of Gwendolyn Jensen’s poetry book As If Toward Beauty. Readers will enjoy how Erin-Cilberto pulls Jensen’s poetry apart and discusses the intimate and familiar structure of her poems as they relate to general life.

What’s more, life itself is a journey and it’s never complete without a map to help guide the travelers. This is where the role of a writer comes in. They have the innate ability to navigate the senses. Only a writer can map the vast landscapes of life in a way that communicates a true understanding of the power of the written word.

Fine literature like this only gets stronger with time because the affects never wear off. These poems and stories will be just as relevant today as they will be several years from now. Their ability to inspire, encourage, and entertain readers will never grow old. Moreover, there is no better way to start the year off than by discovering what the writers in this issue have to say. With over 25 different pieces of literature, Volume XIII Déjà Vu has a diverse collection of material that will cater to a variety of tastes.

TL Publishing Group is just getting started and the route ahead looks promising. Writers, readers, and general supporters of literature don’t want to miss out on this literary journey.

Contributors: Jacob Erin-Cilberto; William Miller; Emily Strauss; William Doreski; Yinka Reed-Nolan; Nikki Johnson; Sarah Weiler; Dylan Wilson ; Dean K Miller; Philip Jackey; Susan Martin; Chris Farrell; Jean Ann Owens; Monica Lynn Moraca; Marchell Dyon Jefferson; Paul Weidknecht; Amy S. Pacini; Owen Vince; Richard Hartwell; Tyler Pufpaff; Kobina Wright; Athar C. Pavis; B. Diehl; A.J. Huffman; John Repp; Holly Day; Justin Rose; April Salzano; Grant Fetters; Justin Rose; Alex Hallwyler; Danuta Blaszak

TLJ Cover V13 v8web


Torrid Literature Journal (Vol. XIII) (Déjà Vu Book 13)

The Torrid Literature Journal is published quarterly by TL Publishing Group, LLC.

Are you interested in submitting your original work to the Torrid Literature Journal? Click here for more information. We’re looking for poetry, fiction, general articles, book reviews, and interviews. 

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Now Accepting Submissions: Interview Requests

We are excited to announce that we will begin a new interview series for our blog. Authors, writers, poets, editors, publishers, and literary agents are welcome to submit an interview request.

All interviews are done via email and they will be published on our blog. To request an interview, please send an email to Alice Saunders at asaunders@torridliterature.com with the following information:



Title of book(s)


Website, blog, social links, etc.

Author photo

Book cover photo

Please put “Interview Request” in the subject line of the email.

We will review your request and respond within a reasonable timeframe. Please note that we reserve the right to review and reject any interview request. If your request is approved, we will send you a list of customized questions based on your bio, publication history, and any other information we have gathered. Once interviews are posted, they will appear on our Interviews & Guest Posts page where they will remain indefinitely. We will also promote interviews through our social media sites.







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New Release (Teaser): TLJ – Vol. X Lost

April 1st represents the start of National Poetry Month. Celebrate by picking up a copy of the Torrid Literature Journal’s latest release: Volume X Lost.

TLJ Cover V10 v7

 Order your copy today at Amazon.com

Release Date: 4/1/14

Torrid Literature Journal: Volume X Lost

Below are a few snippets from the poetry section of Volume X Lost:

“It’s my best kept secret, these paintings I make with blood.” – “Art After Gunshot” by Mollie Kervick

“Death’s office is always open” – “Death’s Open Door Policy” Vincent Miskell

“You were skilled with your hands, but better with words.” – “Marionette Illusion” by Kaitlin Artis

“One day I might be able to forgive, but I will never forget.” – “Christmas Lost” by Craig Hart

“No matter how I sneak up to the glass there she is looking straight at me.” – “Changeling” by Sarah Brown Weitzman

 “I die a little each hour, a lot each day.” – “Gone” by Jason Hill

Full list of contributors:

Jacob Erin-Cilberto; Kay Gosack; A.J. Huffman; Tracey S. Rosenberg; Marissa Laven; Mariel Arriola, Heather Hartung; Kira Webster; Vincent Miskell; George Freek; Nathan Smith; Arpa Mukhopadhyay; Miriam Krischner; Clinton Inman; Anne Bise; Alyestal Hamilton; Chris Farrell; Jaimie Miller; Sarah Brown Weitzman; Mollie Kervick; Samontha Forbes; Deborah Rocheleau; Jason Hill; Christina Mengis; Craig Hart; Alexandra Ambrose; Jen Susca; Neha Praseed; Dionne Evans; John Kaniecki; Ankita Anand; Gwendylyn Martin; Kaitlin Artis; Suzane Bricker; Francine Garson; Noah R. Sebek; Chase Parnell; Kimberly Dorffner

Find out what these writers are saying. Download Volume X Lost to your Kindle device or purchase a hard copy for your literary collection.

Submit to the Torrid Literature Journal. Read our submission guidelines to learn about our current calls for submission.





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