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Flashback Friday: Circle Circle Dot Dot

National Novel Writing Month is just around the corner. Today we’re sharing Noah R. Sebek’s short story, “Circle Circle Dot Dot”. This story first appeared in the Torrid Literature Journal Vol. X Lost.

Circle Circle Dot Dot

By Noah R. Sebek

“I now pronounce you man and wife.”

“Are you sure that’s right?” she asked meekly.

“I think so,” he responded. “I think that’s all you really need.”

“Oh. Alright then.” She smiled, looking down at the ring on her finger. “I guess that means we’re married, then?”

“Sure looks like it.” I looked at my left hand, and then the ground. “I hope you’re happy with this, Sally.” Continue reading

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New Release: The Effects of Grace

The Effects of Grace Front Cover V7

Available at Amazon

The Effects of Grace brings together a collection of Christian poetry that offers hope and inspiration to readers.

The contributing authors share personal stories of their trials, testimonies, and struggles, through the beautiful gift of poetry. They also reflect on their love and admiration for God and His mighty works. These authors have hope. Moreover, they’re standing on the promises of God. Continue reading

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” – Ernest Hemingway

April 1st is here, which means Camp NaNoWriMo has officially started! Are you participating in the writing challenge this month? Our entire team at TL Publishing Group is cheering you on! You can do this!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got your entire novel figured out or (*gasp*), you’re a pantster and you’re planning to make your story up as you go.

Grab your favorite writing tool (pen and paper, tablet, laptop, etc.) and get started!

Here are some helpful tips to consider before you begin:

  1. Understand that this literary competition is about quantity not quality. The point is to finish and meet your word count goal. The word count goal and the thirty day deadline are meant to serve as motivators and accountability tools to help you complete a literary project.
  2. Camp buddies are around for a reason. You’re not alone in this competition. Thousands of writers around the world are where you are right now. Connect with the mates in your cabin.
  3. Don’t forget to read the pep talks given by the mentors. Remember to take advantage of the free resources available at Camp NaNoWriMo’s website.
  4. Plan to reward yourself throughout the month. Many people dream of writing a story but not many sit down to bring it to life. That alone deserves recognition.
  5. Take advantage of virtual and local write ins. Make plans to attend one of the write in sessions that are available. Get a group of friends together and start one of your own if necessary.
  6. Back up your work often.
  7. Encourage yourself. Yes there will be a great deal of motivation going on around you but I personally believe in the power of self-motivation. Encourage yourself often during the next thirty days. Remove negative statements from your vocabulary and speak life into your ability to get this story written.
  8. Create a writing routine. Today may be the first day of April, but it’s not too late to decide when and where you will write. Everyone has a unique routine that suits them. Find out what works for you. Do you prefer writing in the morning, afternoon, or evening? Whatever you decide, make sure you plan for word droughts, in the event that they may occur.
  9. Have fun!


Visit Camp NaNoWriMo for more information.

Alice Saunders, Editor

Follow me on Twitter: @LyricalTempest

www.torridliterature.com | Facebook | Twitter

www.tlpublishing.org | Facebook | Twitter

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TL Open Mic Recap: A Celebration of the Arts

On Saturday, August 30th TL Publishing Group hosted the 11th installment of their open mic series at The Bunker. The Bunker is a quaint coffee shop located in the heart of Ybor City. The venue’s space provided an intimate setting, which added to the overall ambiance of the night. In addition, The Bunker offers a delectable variety of menu items, free wifi, comfortable seating, and an outdoor patio.

People from around the community, youth and adults, gathered in what was a powerful night filled with talent, love, and support. Singers, musicians, bands, storytellers, comedians, poets, and spoken word artists took to the stage and blessed the audience with special performances.

R.J. Kerker, the host for the evening, opened up the show with a wonderful selection of songs with the accompaniment of his piano. R.J. is a singer, songwriter, and musician. He is also a member of the American Song Box Band.

After R.J.’s performance, the night continued as performers graced the stage to display their talent. The comedians brought laughter, the singers and musicians delivered heart-soothing songs with great beats, and the literary artists brought joy, relief, and revelation in the form of poetry, spoken word, and short stories.

Altogether, the performers represented the diversity, beauty, and originality of the arts that we know and love. Below are a few photos from the evening.


 Wally B.

Wally B. Jennings performs a powerful spoken word piece.

Wally is the founder of Heard Em’ Say Teen Poetry. Visit their page on Facebook.


R.J. Kerker plays a beautiful selection of songs on his keyboard.

R.J. is a member of the American Song Box Band.



David Bierley, a known veteran who frequently attends TL’s open mic events, plays severals songs on his guitar.



Spokenheart Shack reads some of her beautiful poetry.

Spokenheart is a member of the Black on Black Rhyme Word of Mouth Poetry Troupe.

Visit their page on Facebook.



Jason ‘Jboog’ McGriff inspires the audience with his Christian spoken word performance. Jboog is the host of Open Praise, Tampa’s premier Christian open mic show.


Radio 047

A group photo of the performers and audience members taken just before the show wrapped up.

Click here to view the entire photo album from that night.

Between the performances, free raffle prizes, and the awesomeness of The Bunker, this event was a memorable one that will have the community wanting an encore experience. TL Publishing Group’s open mic show will return later this fall. Visit their website and sign up for their eNewsletter to receive updates about future events.

The aforementioned notwithstanding, you don’t have to wait that long to get to another open mic event. The community of Tampa is thriving with talent. Visit Tampa Bay Poetry’s official website for a listing of other open mic shows that are currently happening in the area. You can also join the group on Facebook for current updates. In addition to this listing, be sure to join the Tampa Bay Open Mic Meetup group for even more open mic events.

TL Publishing Group is publisher of the Torrid Literature Journal, a quarterly publication. They host open mic shows quarterly along with other programs, contests, and events that they offer to the literary and arts community. Please visit their website to learn more.

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Cover Reveal: Torrid Literature Journal – Vol. XII Tension

Torrid Literature Journal – Volume XII Tension

Publication Date: October 1, 2014

Genres: Poetry & Fiction

Publisher: TL Publishing Group

TLJ Cover V12web

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Torrid Literature Journal - Vol. XII Tension


TL Publishing Group wraps up their 2014 year with the Torrid Literature Journal – Volume XII Tension. The work in this volume flawlessly captures the attractiveness of literature as it presents readers with a fine collection of literary material that will put their senses and imagination to work.

The Volume XII writers shed necessary light on the fact that writing is not a means to an end. It is a start to a new beginning. Writing allows people to clear their heart and mind of the clutter and other matter that tends to build up overtime. In the middle of this clean up, people find hidden treasures and other keepsakes as they linger on a forgotten memory or a favorite dream. Other times, they stumble upon painful experience they’re fighting to escape or a situation they’re struggling to figure out. In any event, writers understand the importance of release and the risks of implosion.

Other highlights from this issue include a new interview with Joanna Kurowska, a writer, teacher, and editor from Evanston, Illinois. Readers will also get a first look at the 2014 winners of the Romancing the Craft of Poetry & Fiction Contest.

Lovers of the written word do not want to miss what the Volume XII writers have to say as they step up to the proverbial platform to share their memories, dreams, and experiences. Rest assured that each piece of literature carries its own weight worth every moment of the reader’s attention.

Contributors: Joanna Kurowska ; Alicia Cook; Antonio Fernandez; W. S. “Eel” Bericuda; Jolene Munch Cardoza; Courtney Leigh Jameson; Matthew J. Spireng; Yongyu Chen; Ivan de Monbrison; A.J. Huffman; April Scott; Clemencio Bascar; Richard Hartwell; Leonore Wilson; Athar Pavis; James Tyler; Helen Companion; April Salzano; Beau Boudreaux; John Repp; Lee Busby; Andrew Bohn; Craig Cochran; Justin Rose; Bobby Teevans; Jeston Dulin; Desirée Jung; Erren Geraud Kelly; Rachel Vogel Quinn; Lorin Cary; Gloria Keeley; Danny Judge; Amy S. Pacini, Jennifer Palmer; Moneta Goldsmith


“…I know the next time I return will be for her funeral…” – “Repton” by Craig Cochran

“…I’m lost with no escape route…” – “Do They See” by April Scott

“…Wherein does forgiveness reside…” – “Relief” by Richard Hartwell

“…In the autopsy they hide the criminal you became…” – “Quinidine I Know Your Name” by Athar Pavis

“…I try to put my arms around the virtual you in my head…” – “You Are Not Here Yet” by Beau Boudreaux

Torrid Literature Journal – Vol. XII Tension

Amazon | Facebook | Website

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