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2014 Hall of Fame Members

Please join us in welcoming our 2014 Hall of Fame members! Each member has a unique style that draws attention to his or her literary craft. Please take a moment to visit our site to learn more about them.


Volume V

Amanda Gayle Oliver: “I Never Read The Bell Jar” and “You’re Gone” (Poetry)

Alice Wrecker: “Winter Solitude” (Fiction)

Volume VI

Jim Landwehr: “Can’t Be Beat” (Poetry)

Connie McDonald: “Forbidden” (Fiction)

Volume VII

Shirley Kuo: “Raymond Chandler’s Grave” (Poetry)

Brittany Zelkovich: “Fallen Star” (Fiction)

Volume VIII

Raquel Laureano: “Invasions” (Poetry)

Grant Fetters: “Co-Co’s Toy Box” (Fiction)


Mission / Purpose:

Annually, eight writers are inducted into our  Hall of Fame for literary excellence. The members are selected based on a community voting process where we ask readers to vote for the writers. Members receive a certificate commemorating their induction and a lifetime online subscription to the Torrid Literature Journal. For more information, please visit our website.


Click here to access free online copies of the journals that feature these writers.

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Call For Writers & Articles

It’s that time again. We are looking for professional authors, poets, editors, and publishers to write articles that weigh in on the latest topics that affect the literary industry today. We are looking for articles for Volume IV of the Torrid Literature Journal. This journal will be made available to the public online and in print October 1, 2012. In the past, several extraordinary and diverse literary professionals (Valerie Douglas, Oneal Walters, C.S. Splitter, Tricia Kristufek) have blessed our readers by providing in depth articles on various topics. We look forward to working with more literary professionals in the future. If you are interested, please send an email to our editor, Alice Saunders, at asaunders@torridliterature.com.

Several topics of interest: 

1) Writing Your First Manuscript: Common Mistakes to Avoid

 2) How to market your book professionally and effectively

 3) Publishing Scams: Warnings Signs to Look Out For

 This list is not exclusive. If you have another topic you would like to write on, please send contact me. We can become an even bigger blessing when we work together.

To learn more about the Torrid Literature Journal, please visit our website:



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