Book Review: One Flesh by Obed Ladiny

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“Your problem was you thought it was wrong to high-five yourself. You thought you’d go to hell for giving yourself a hug…”

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I was introduced to Obed Ladiny when his poetry first appeared in the Torrid Literature Journal. I love poetry in general because it gives readers an intimate experience with the poet who dares to embrace their voice. With that being said, I was grateful for the opportunity to read his latest book, One Flesh. This poetry book covers various topics such as relationships, identity, family, and more but the main focus is on love and relationships. Ladiny speaks from what he describes as “anonymous person perspectives” and the entire book is broken down into three sections. The book kept my interest as I went from page to page. The flow was steady and the tone was consistent with the individual message in each poem.

“Recurring Talk”, “Unwanted”, and “Enduring Roses” are just a few of my favorite poems from Ladiny’s collection. The entire work is thought-provoking and written in a free verse style. It’s also worth mentioning that “The Family” is just one of several examples that prove Ladiny isn’t afraid to experiment with format.

I give One Flesh 4 out of 5 stars. It’s contemporary nature makes this book a great read for anyone interested in poems that provide multifaceted viewpoints of love, the way people receive, give, respond to, and reject it.

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About the Author: Obed Ladiny has poems published both online and in print in TWJ Magazine, the Poems-For-All Project, In Between Hangovers, Red Fez, and Torrid Literature Journal. He is also an active member of the online forum Poetry Circle. He has ties to Lawrenceville, Georgia through family, but when not abroad he’s with family and friends in Brooklyn, New York where he has been living for many years.


Alice Saunders, Editor

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