New Release & Giveaway: TLJ Vol. XXIII The Write Path

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Title: Torrid Literature Journal Volume XXIII The Write Path

Publisher: TL Publishing Group LLC

Contributors: Candice Louisa Daquin; Bruce McRae; Jan Ball; Joanna Tang; Ken Tomaro; George Freek; Jay Frankston; Richard Holleman; Rick Hartwell; Khadija Gure; George Kramer; Allen Forrest; DS Maolalai; Ken Simpson; Jason Kirk Bartley; Janice Canerdy; Sterling Jacobs; Sugar Tobey; Wayne F. Burke; Erren Kelly; John Grey; Paul Rondema; Marcus Benjamin Ray Bradley; Michael Blaine; Jolene Munch Cardoza; Constantin Preda; Jared Pearce; Kay Gosack; Michael T. Smith; Gonzalinho da Costa; Lila Flavin; Foster Trecost; William Huhn

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Excerpt: “Cracked Dawn” By Bruce McRae

The day morning failed to arrive,

our chickens listless, the clocks confused,

daisies stunned into silence.

When night was two nights long

by two nights wide by two nights high.

The baker sleeping in.

Padre dreaming of another sun rising

in a mystical realm

of half-dreams and home-baked cookies.

Pa looking for a wooden match

to light ma’s fire.


Dawn, but one blacker than coffee,

yours truly wavering over the sink

while recalling yellow and red.

Remembering what it was like

to see into the far distance.

Light drawing on light.

Daybreak broken.


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We’re currently open for submissions. Please read our guidelines and a previous issue of the Torrid Literature Journal before submitting your work. We’re looking for poems, short stories, articles, interviews, and book reviews. Send us your best work. Click here to submit.

Alice Saunders, Editor

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