New Release & Giveaway: TLJ Vol. XX Bend, Don’t Break


Title: Torrid Literature Journal Volume XX Bend, Don’t Break

Published by TL Publishing Group LLC


Available at Amazon



TL Publishing Group LLC closes out the year with Volume XX Bend, Don’t Break. This latest issue of the Torrid Literature Journal is a refreshing reminder of the aesthetic appeal rooted in fine works of literature. Volume XX starts off with an interview featuring Nikita Hernandez, a Pushcart Prize nominee who takes the time to share her thoughts and advice on writing.

The Torrid Literature Journal also contains a beautiful collection of poems and short stories that highlight the flexibility and power of the written word. Lovers of literature will truly appreciate the lengths writers go to just to create these beautiful works of art where they embed their truth and skill. The final result is nothing short of astonishing as these writers come together with the flexibility and grace of a ballerina who knows how to dance dutifully around the beats of life.

Change is the one factor that remains constant in life. It teaches us how to adapt to our surroundings. As a result, there is always something to say which means artists will never run out of material. This also means TL Publishing Group’s journey will never end. Join TL Publishing Group as they continue on their journey to connect writers with readers who are thirsty for literary material that feeds the senses, soothes the heart, and ravishes the mind.

Contributors: Nikita Hernandez, Robert Stout, Marissa Vander Ploeg, Nicholas Froumis, Erren Kelly, Carl Scharwath, Jason Kirk Bartley, Milt Montague, Jolene Cardoza, Joe Bisicchia, Jim Boswell, James Sutton, Gary Beck, Patrick Theron Erickson, Kevin Brown, Clinton Inman, A.J. Huffman, Bruce McRae, Jacob Erin-Cilberto, Greg Moglia, Jimmie Ware, Chelsea Rawlings, Nicklaus Hopkins, Sterling Jacobs, James Piatt, Margaret Hollbrook, Jeremy Caldwell, Fabrice Poussin, Mickey Kulp, Simon Lee-Price, AN Block, and Sean Callahan

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We’re currently open for submissions. Please read our guidelines and a previous issue of the Torrid Literature Journal before submitting your work. We’re looking for poems, short stories, articles, interviews, and book reviews. Send us your best work. Click here to submit.


Alice Saunders, Editor


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